Saturday, November 18, 2017

@ the Ferrigno Legacy in Palm Springs, CA





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The BoxLife SoCal Throwdown will be part of the , a 130,000 square foot, 400 booth, mutli-sport expo which will play host to Weightlifting, Strongman, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding & more!


Beginner Individual/Team (M/F)

  • Overhead Squat 75/55
  • Squat Cleans 115/80
  • Snatch 75/55
  • Deadlift 135/95
  • Push-ups

Intermediate & Masters 40+ Individual/Team (M/F)

  • Overhead Squat 95/65
  • Squat Cleans 135/95
  • Snatch 95/65
  • Deadlift 205/140
  • Rope Climbs
  • Pull-ups
  • Double-unders

Rx Individual/Team (M/F)

  • Overhead Squat 115/80
  • Squat Cleans 185/130
  • Snatch 115/80
  • Deadlift 225/155
  • Rope Climbs
  • Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
  • Double-unders
  • Pistols

*Teams will consist of 2 male or 2 female athletes.

*All standards are working weight. This is not an exhaustive list of movements.